Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Wild Wood - New Track!


Today sees us release our first track as a three-piece, virtual band. It's called Wild Wood, and we're very proud of it, not least because it took a lot of technical jiggery-pokery to create.

Hope you agree, it was worth it in the end, though. More to come over the next few months, as this was really just to prove we could do it. Keep, em peeled, we're working on two more as we speak.

Here's the video for you to enjoy. If you'd like to download it for free (yes, free, nada, nowt, nuffink) then head on over to our BandCamp page and grab it for yourself.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Here We Go Again...


Well, here we go again... not just a great tune by Ray Charles but also the way of life for TJS.

We're now down to a triplet (Mickey, Mark & Mike - thinking of changing the name to 3M but it's been taken) and forced, as such, to rethink the way we want to do things. Which, as it happens, is no bad thing.

We're now more of a virtual band, still producing music together but not necessarily in the same place. This gives us more flexibility, we can concentrate on producing good recordings and writing better songs.

An example of this will be out in the near future (keep 'em peeled) and we'll be releasing a song a month as we do it.

If and when we get to gig this stuff we'll recruit but, right now, we can handle the shortfall between us, and it's turning out to be a lot more fun than before.

Except, maybe, shooting video at stupid o'clock in the morning in the middle of a wood. That was hard.

Anyway, we hope you like the new look web site, the new direction the band is taking and (hopefully) the new music. Drop us a line on the facebook page.